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The Adventurer The Adventurer

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I really enjoyed the movie. My only complaint is that the reveal that it is a videogame came WAY too early. I'm a little sad that it wasn't saved until the end. It would have made it better by tenfold.
Because right now, as everyone below me is saying, its just a movie about a kid playing a videogame. Its missing something, like perhaps what was the quest that he accepted at the very beginning? Did he ever reach his goal?
But holding off on that reveal: Its about a kid going on an adventure which TURNS OUT to be a video game. (which as predictable and cliche as it is, its simple and it works) It is no longer about the quest, its just about him on this adventure.

Great visuals, I loved the little sprites and the flame boar. I especially loved the environments the main character explored as well as his progression that is shown through evolving gear.

Great work! Fav'd and Followed! I look forward to seeing more!

Marmalade of Thrnoes Marmalade of Thrnoes

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Decent Animation.
Jokes were hit and miss, but that may be due to the fact that I've never seen Game of Thrones (nor Walking Dead for that matter, but seeing the cross-over was intriguing.)

The only reason I'm giving it 2 stars, or leaving a review for that matter, is because holy mother of fucking god, those first person view segments were ATROCIOUS.
From a film maker's point of view, the composition of those segments already implied First Person Perspective. The shaky cam, the blinking, and the "focusing" were all unnecessary and extremely distracting.

I could potentially let the first bit (where the guy gets his head cut off and his daughter comes to scoop it up) slide if only for the fact that it was relatively short. but those effects were overkill.

The segment when the short guy starts describing the plan/politics of GoT was by far the largest crime I've seen ever to film though. The fact that it was in First Person View, but then he would literally step into his own view was.... actually hilarious now that I think about it.

It goes against all film language conventions and yet if you look back and think - it was pulled off really well if only the fact that because this movie is a comedy/parody. Any other situation it would be blasphemous.
we are watching from his point of view, but then suddenly he steps in from the side to emphasize some plot point and looks directly at the camera (I.E. His own eyes) to deliver it.
That's pretty fuckin meta and funny.
That segment could be so much more stronger without the blinking, shaky cam etc. though

All you need are quick tight camera movements and I feel like that segment would have improved one million times better.

I understand you used those effects to make the animation a bit more interesting so the viewer won't be bored, and you are informing the viewer as to whose eyes we are looking through. But your viewers are pretty smart, and they don't need those context clues you are force feeding them to make them understand whats going on.
And if they don't know that they are looking through those character's eyes, the subtleties are lost on them, oh well, they are probably too enveloped in the content to even realize the POV. At least they aren't getting removed by various elements.

If you were looking to make the plan segment more interesting, you should have just done quick animated segments that visually aided as to what he was saying. Or even still illustrations like comic book panels. Those added camera effects however come off as dirty, cheap, and lazy.

Blinking, if you can use it right (and sparingly), its great for emphasis in character animation. Use it to show when a character has switched thoughts from one topic to another, or turning their head from one place to another. Basically whenever they are "changing gears". Much like when a film cuts from one scene to another, blinking is the same exact mechanic.

The shaky cam and focusing should only be used when a character is under a lot of stress or during great drama/action/suspense. So when you want the viewer to be put in that character's shoes, the best most efficient way is to put it in first person view, so the viewer can directly relate. Yet, once again, the shaky cam and focusing should be used sparingly and only for emphasis.

Sorry to leave a long scathing review, but I figured many people could benefit from these points and learn some do's/do not's.
I look forward to some new animations however.
I've added you to my favorites to see how you improve.

My 19th Birthday My 19th Birthday

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Your lip syncing looks fine - I notice what you mean when you say you aren't happy with it
it seems to lag behind at certain points or when you talk a little fast
I'm not sure what fps this flash is but say the mouth's frames are on two's - you can always make some of the mouth shapes to move on one's to help keep up with the pacing

all in all nice flash - cute, quick and simple - you handled the lip syncing well and it isn't even an issue to be honest. just giving a quick tip.

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-Electroman adventures- -Electroman adventures-

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This song is amazing. My favorite by you so far.
Great build, tension, climax, chorus, and melody. Very fitting for a theme or a battle scene. Everything is perfect, haha. I can not stop listening to it.

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Lonley Bitrate Lonley Bitrate

Rated 5 / 5 stars


You think you can come up with a bit more upbeat one?
it would be great for the title :D