Entry #17


2014-04-04 02:20:23 by Wakman111

Hey guys, wow its been like, what, 2 years?

Shit... I've been super busy lately with school and work, but I'll be uploading a Game Grumps animation later today.
It's a little pathetic how old the project is.
It has been sitting on my hard-drive for over 2 years. like 99% completed.
I just had to clean-up JonTron's animation and color him in the first scene but I couldn't bring myself to do it until now.

But I tell you, it feels great to finally have that cleaned up and finished.

Even if you guys hate it. (or don't like it very much)

I do have other projects in the works. Production on R.E.M. has been on hiatus until I "graduate" from school but i do have some projects that will be uploaded within the next month or so if you all want to stay tuned.


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2014-04-06 16:37:06

I love the GG Animated, Splendid work.

Wakman111 responds:

Thanks! I just now found out it was front paged haha! I honestly didn't think it would deserve the attention.


2014-04-07 00:45:54

Great GG flash dude ^^ How do you get your lines to look so clean?

Wakman111 responds:

Uhhmm... well I used a tablet for the GG animation. And I just use the brush tool, with 40 smoothing. And I think I had brush sensitivity on too. There's nothing really special to what I did I don't think haha.