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2014-04-04 02:20:23 by Wakman111

Hey guys, wow its been like, what, 2 years?

Shit... I've been super busy lately with school and work, but I'll be uploading a Game Grumps animation later today.
It's a little pathetic how old the project is.
It has been sitting on my hard-drive for over 2 years. like 99% completed.
I just had to clean-up JonTron's animation and color him in the first scene but I couldn't bring myself to do it until now.

But I tell you, it feels great to finally have that cleaned up and finished.

Even if you guys hate it. (or don't like it very much)

I do have other projects in the works. Production on R.E.M. has been on hiatus until I "graduate" from school but i do have some projects that will be uploaded within the next month or so if you all want to stay tuned.


2012-12-13 00:09:34 by Wakman111

Welp, Fuck, its been over six months since I've updated any progress.
I've been busy with school, but at this point it feels like an excuse and a form of procrastination to not work on this project.
I've made no real progress on REM outside of getting my lines done and tightening a few designs of the characters. I plan on working on it these next few months before school starts up again.
I need to instill some sort of quota to meet when working, because I'm not getting anything done, and I'm just disappointing myself.



2012-05-21 01:41:01 by Wakman111

Howdy Folks
I took a quick break for about a week (looking for jobs and such) and now that I've finally had time to relax from the shenanigans from school. I can finally work on my personal projects.

Work on R.E.M. will be going at top velocity shortly. As soon as I can find a voice actress for Ashley.
I'll be posting on a couple forums shortly since I'm not having much luck on here or DeviantArt.
But once I can finally snag a voice actress I'll be working at full steam on the animation.

Robot Day is also coming up, so in 20 days time you will be seeing a new short!
There are cash prizes involved and I dont expect to win since I know there will be a lot of people submitting, but it would be a great quickfix to my financial problem I'm having.
And it will be nice to finally start producing content at a nice rate for once.

I have a good head start from one of my finals as well for the animation. (the walk cycle I posted just recently on DevArt)
There are still several things missing that I need to take care of which includes:
[ ] Story
[ x ] Music
[ ] Sound Effects

I'm also trying to find work which is proving to be the utmost difficult task. I've applied and contacted dozens and dozens of places but no one has called back or offered me so much as an interview.
OTL /sobbbbbb
anyway.. with that aside I'll be able to work on my projects.. but this money thing needs to clear up quick..


Well now that my finals are complete, ill finally have time to work on R.E.M. again!

Things have taken a step backwards unfortunately. I finally got all the voice acting in, but I had one person do 2 characters, and as i had anticipated, the two characters sound an awful lot a like. I'm now searching for another female voice actor. if anyone is interested please PM me.

The opening sequence for the first episode is nearly finished. It should be out in a month or two from now, but that is all dependent on getting another female voice actor.
Also, Fish Face Fred is out! My friend NeroSkwid helped me. The script is actually a true story that happened to him one night, and he let me use it for my semester finals here at KCAI.
Please check it out! I'm looking for critiques so i can get better as an animator, so please leave a review! <3

Fish Face Fred and another quick update (In need of a female voice actor!)

Quick Update

2012-04-05 19:50:30 by Wakman111

I just had two assignments dumped on me for school. Both assignments happen to be finals for my major, so it is going to take up a majority of my time.
REM's progress will not be halted however, but the momentum I had going will drop significantly.

Good news though, is that one of the finals will be uploaded here within 6 weeks time.
It is a small anecdote my friend told me about one of his friends visiting him late one night.
Run time is roughly 1 minute 30 seconds and the animatic is already sorted out, so It should not take long before it is uploaded.

Quick Update

RIP Edd - Status Update on REM

2012-04-03 03:36:02 by Wakman111

I learned on Monday that Edd Gould has passed away. I cannot possibly express the emotions I felt the moment I found out. I cried my eyes out for a day straight, and I had never met the guy or knew him on a personal level.
That is just how much he has effected me. I felt like had lost some one important. Someone so relateable. He was a brother of sorts. Not a blood brother but someone who shared the same goals, dreams, and aspirations.

I've been a fan of his work since 2006. That was also the same year I decided to become an animator.
That is no coincidence however. Edd's work has been a huge influence in my own. Not particularly in style or execution. But how I want to develop as an animator and as a director. I've always wanted to maintain a creative relationship with my friends. Collaborate, brainstorm, write, compose, and draw with them for all of my projects. ERROAR was one such project.
I didnt only want to create with my friends, but I also wanted to create for my fans. I know my friends and I have the potential to be something great. We have always told ourselves that. We do what we love because we have fun. And we want others to share that joy with us.
With out my friends I would not be the person I am today, and without Edd I probably would not be here spilling myself.
We want to inspire others the same Edd has inspired us.
He was a humble person. Hard-working and incredibly genuine. It is incredibly sad and unfair to see such a person go.
But i think his absence empowers us. To drive and push harder to reach that potential. To eventually to stand tall next and be considered an equal to someone that has touched the hearts of so many people.

His parents should be proud of him.
His friends should be proud of him.
and Edd should be proud of himself.

We love you Edd. You will not be forgotten.

I guess I will also take the time to make a little update on REM as well

Plenty of progress is being made these past 2 weeks!
About 50 seconds worth actually!
but for 2 weeks, only a solid quarter of the intro is finished. I'm none too surprised by the progress actually, although I am very pleased with what i have.
I feel like I've always had something out of my control that would block progress on any animation I've ever wanted to do, so this is an extremely nice and welcomed change of pace.
there is a preview of how far ive gotten. I dunno if it looks like much, but I hope its a nice improvement from ERROAR.

RIP Edd - Status Update on REM


2012-03-19 01:41:05 by Wakman111

Its been over a year since I last made an update on my current project, REM, and lo and behold, we have just started production on it. The past week was my spring break, and I spent a solid 5 days working on the animation.

HatredEdge and I have been working diligently between our school work to figure out a work flow and brainstorm for REM.
So far, my plan is to work and make a quota of at least 24 frames a weekend. Eventually outputting a little teaser for you folks that introduces our 6 characters (Ben, Zeke, Ashley, Olivia, Jason, and Dakota), show you what we are aiming for quality wise, and to get a little bit of hype and support from you guys. Hopefully you will love it.
Hell, I know you guys will.

I've improved significantly since my last animation ERROAR, so really, this teaser is to prove that I took your critiques to heart, and get a little more guidance on where I stand now and to see what you guys want to see more from me.

I'm not sure how my schoolwork will fair with me working on a side project, but I see folks pumping out high quality stuff all the time, so i'm wondering how much effort really needs to be put in, or if I'm just awful at managing my time.

Regardless, the teaser should be out by the end of May. I'll keep you guys posted. I love you all and any of you that have stuck with me during my absence <3



2010-11-12 16:03:54 by Wakman111

Ok so,

My friend, HatredEdge has proposed a new storyline to me, and we are now putting the final touches on the script and on our way to animating.
What we will need now are some talented voice actors to bring our characters to life!

What we are looking for are:
2 guys
-The Musically Inclined Rocker/High School Drop out. Jerk, but easy going.
-The Movie Buff. Random/Awkward. Picked on by generally everyone.

2 girls
-Photographer. Somewhat ditsy/absent minded.
-'Intern'. Level headed. Develops the Plot (for the most part)

All characters have roughly the same amount of script.
I will be uploading the character designs on my devArt account very shortly.

If anyone is interested, please PM me as well as send me a demo or more preferably:
Improvise as one (or both) of the characters you are interested in voice acting for.
If we have interest in using your voice, we will send you the script and ask for recordings for your part. We will then select and use 4 people from list.
Because this is not a School Project and merely a side project for our own, we will be working on it as much as possible in our freetime, and I will attempt to give frequent updates of our progress.

I hope to see plenty of volunteers and good luck to those of you that wish to participate!



2010-09-23 20:37:24 by Wakman111

I'm Terribly sorry for not updating my profile on here
I haven't been working on any projects mostly due to the fact that college has me by the bawls

we (as in all incoming freshmen) have to go through an extensive foundations class which is like art boot camp to say the least
they have us doing everything from figure drawing and portraiture to papers and posters

I have no time what so ever to work on any of my independent projects.
but my sophmore year is gonna kick ass because ill be able to major in animation
hell, even next semester will, since we get to choose which workshops we work in.
so within the next 6 months ill have something up

I'm also more likely to update my DeviantArt profile.
so if you ever find yourself wondering "Whats that asshole, Cody, up to?"
check out my DeviantArt page



2009-12-21 01:35:55 by Wakman111

No not really... almost the opposite actually... thought i'd let you guys know that I am not, contrary to popular belief, dead, but any hope for progress on my new animation is...

my new and probably never upcoming zombie animation: Plan B has been put on hiatus due to well foreseen circumstances... i cant get anyone to voice act and my original score of music will never be composed BECAUSE:
my friends are lazy assholes

so... instead of extending some deadline long forgotten i thought i'd post my animation up on my devart HERE and have you guys check out what ive got so far.... NOTE: any purple still images seen is storyboarding that I used for the animation... there is more animation after the first still frame...

but uhh... yeah...